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Prof. Steven L Chown

Monash University

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Prof. Steven L Chown is Head of the School of Biological Sciences at Monash University, Australia. Much of his work concerns the biological impacts of the major global change drivers, such as climate change and biological invasions. His research is conducted in many areas of the planet, and over the past 25 years has maintained a substantial focus on the sub-Antarctic and Antarctic. He has published >150 scientific papers on the ecology and biology of the region, and edited and co-authored major science and popular books on the Prince Edward Islands. His work has developed general ideas about the structure and functioning of sub-Antarctic systems, and tested major ecological and biological hypotheses. Overall, he has published > 300 research papers and his work is widely cited, as indicated by an h-index of 72.

The outcomes of his sub-Antarctic and Antarctic work have had substantial impacts on conservation and science policy. Much of this has been delivered through interactions with the Antarctic Treaty System and notably its Committee for Environmental Protection. Nonetheless, he was also the inaugural Chair of the Prince Edward Islands Management Committee and responsible for the complete revision of the Islands’ Management Plan. His work has contributed to policy on invasive species, climate change adaptation, and conservation management of the broader Antarctic region, and he has spent much time translating science evidence to practicable guidelines for mitigating impacts. As a consequence of his science and policy contributions, Steven is the inaugural recipient of the Martha T. Muse Prize for science and policy in Antarctica, and among other awards, he has been presented with the SCAR Medal of Excellence for Scientific Research.


Key Publications 


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